To sleep or not to sleep – An update

Sleep is a hot topic for me. I spend so much time thinking about it, and trying to get my daughter to sleep that it’s starting to get a little overwhelming and time consuming. If you have read my last post on sleep, things started to go a little haywire last year when our little one hit the 4-month sleep regression. I endured hourly wakings and feeding to sleep until she reached 6 months, and then I had to do something to save my sanity as things were not improving.

The big change was to our bedtime routine, I realised that I needed to put our little one to bed awake so that she would learn to settle herself. This has been successful, it started by staying with her patting and shushing her to sleep, and progressed quickly through to her being able to fall asleep by herself. I can now leave the room and she will drift off, which means that I am no longer patting, shushing or feeding her to sleep.

The other changes I wanted to make were to reduce the number of night wakings, we have seen this drop from 6 to 8 wakings a night, to about 3 to 4 wakings night. For me this is still not ideal but it is better than what it was. At each night waking our little one still needs a feed to go back to sleep again, trying to avoid feeding results in a meltdown (by meltdown I mean crying like you have never heard before). Now that she is on three meals a day, is giving a feed at each night waking too much? I know that some people would say that they don’t need feeding at night now? It’s a tricky one as she may be hungry, need comforting, be teething, be having a growth spurt. Until I’m confident that I know she’s not hungry I don’t think I can stop the night feeds.

In changing the bedtime routine we’ve also had some improvement to daytime naps too. I’ve learnt that she needs a nap about 2 hours after waking in the morning, a lunchtime nap, and an afternoon nap at about 3pm. The morning nap is the easiest to get her to settle in her cot, however I struggle with the lunchtime and afternoon nap happening in her cot, most of the time I have to be out or go out for the nap to happen. This is probably caused by us having a different routine every day after lunch. Do you experience problems with daytime naps? How have you managed to get your little one into a daytime nap routine? I would love to hear.

I’ve been thinking about the next steps on our sleep journey which will be to night wean, I’m going back to work at the end of June and hoped to have this sorted by then.

Thanks for reading, any tips on day time naps and night weaning will be greatly appreciated.

Claire x

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