Gifts for a newborn baby

Gifts for a Newborn Baby

We’ve recently had a lot of babies born into our friendship group generating a lot of excitement, pictures being shared on What’s App, and the need to purchase a present for the newborn baby and parent’s. But what do you buy for a newborn? There are the obvious presents like sleep suits and clothes that the parent’s probably have loads of, and may not be fully appreciative of another pack of baby vests. Although don’t get me wrong I was grateful for all the beautiful gifts we received when our daughter was born. So without further ado, here is my slightly alternative list of gifts to buy for a newborn baby.

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Hello everyone!

Hope you are all well and had a fantastic week. I started off the week by going to Lucky Things Meet Up in Central London hosted by Sunita from Lucky Things Blog. I had a brilliant day and it was good to learn a little bit myself at the same time. My post this week is about a change in my thinking of “goals”, and turning these into “intentions”. For me just hearing the word “intentions” feels far more relaxing, less pressured and stress-free. Have a read of my post to see what I mean.

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A new way of thinking

A New Way of Thinking

At the weekend I was fortunate to attend the Lucky Things Meet Up hosted by the lovely Sunita from Lucky Things. I was excited and nervous about the day. Excited and nervous about what I was going to learn, and excited and nervous about meeting up with new bloggers, and some that I already knew. I’m not sure why I felt nervous because as soon as I arrived at the venue in Central London I felt calm and relaxed which leads onto the theme of the day that was mindfulness, and how we can apply it to our busy everyday lives. Having been part of and engaging with the talk, I am now seeing things in a more positive light and practicing a new way of thinking.

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