Top 5 uses of a Bugaboo that are not a pushchair or a pram

5 uses of a Bugaboo that are not a pushchair or a pram

Recently we’ve been using our Bugaboo again after a few months of it being stored in a cupboard, and we’ve found a new life for it. In fact our toddler loves it. I thought that she had gone off any type of buggy entirely, after refusing to sit, wanting to walk everywhere, and then refusing to get back into the buggy, when she was too tired to walk. Sound familiar? So with this in mind I am so glad that my daughter has found a new love for her Bugaboo, and here are 5 uses for it (or any pushchair) that are not being a conventional pushchair or a pram.

It’s a climbing frame

In the house our Bugaboo is a climbing frame for our daughter. She loves to climb up onto it, and clip herself in, and then pull the hood down. She’ll then do the reverse, but will always struggle to undo the clip. This can go on for hours, and it’s a nice source of entertainment for her so that I can get on with a few jobs.

It’s a half marathan watching platform

This is not endorsed by any pushchair manufacturer and I wouldn’t personally recommend it. But at the weekend I found it a great device for raising my daughter up over the barriers so that she could see. All she had to do was stand on the seat, use the bar as a support, and then put her hands on the barriers. Warning: Do not leave your child, always hold onto them.

It’s a car

One of the things my daughter loves to do when the buggy seat is on the floor and not on the frame, is pretend that she’s driving a car. She will sit in it, and pretend that the bar is a steering wheel, and try to drive it. Only it doesn’t move, but at least her imagination is working.

It’s a shopping cart

Or pack horse. My Bugaboo has been so laden with shopping and various food items. It is so useful for packing a lot in as well as your child. The basket is huge, although difficult to get to when you’re using the bassinet. It’s also really sturdy to place lots of bags on the handle.

It’s an exercise tool

In the early days of looking after a newborn and trying to loose the pregnancy pounds, we all want to get outside to do a bit of exercise. Well the Bugaboo is perfect for that. It’s stable enough to carry your child whilst you run around the park, or take part in a buggyfit exercise class.

So there you have it, my top 5 uses of my Bugaboo that are not its conventional pushchair or pram. Does your pushchair have any other uses. I would love to know.

Claire x


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