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Piccolo Plates

Our toddler has an obsession with biscuits and beige food at the moment. Does anyone else have this problem? So when I heard about Piccolo Plates I knew I had to try the range of food on offer in an attempt to get our daughter to eat something more substantial than a malted milk biscuit for dinner.

Piccolo Plates

When they arrived on our doorstep I couldn’t wait to get started, and seeing if our daughter liked the meals. We started off with Cottage Pie, and it was a hit. The little one tucked straight in, asking for more. The Cottage Pie was delicious, full of healthy mince beef and vegetables including onion, courgette and tomatoes, and topped with a generous layer of mashed potato and cheese.

Piccolo Plates

Piccolo Plates

Next up was the Four Veg Mac & Cheese. As a huge lover of pasta and cheese, I was hoping that this would be a hit just as the Cottage Pie was. It was and went down a treat, even my husband enjoyed a few mouthfuls of the leftovers. One of the good things about this dish is that the vegetables including cauliflower, sweet potato and butternut squash are well and truly hidden, so if you have a fussy toddler on your hands who won’t eat any veg, this is the perfect dish for you (and them).

Piccolo Plates

Piccolo Plates

Our last meal was Meatballs, which is something that I often serve up at home, and we eat together as a whole family. I was really impressed with this meal, as there are at least 8 large meatballs in a rich tomato and vegetable sauce. The meatballs are a combination of beef and pork mince and they were delicious, and the sauce is full of vegetables including courgettes, carrots and celery. We served our meatballs with a portion of gnocchi on the side, and it could equally be teamed up with pasta, rice, bread or some more vegetables.

Piccolo Plates

One of the best things about Piccolo Plates is convenience and ease. If you’re a busy Mum like me, with very little time on your hands, these meals are just perfect. They are healthy and homemade, with no salt or sugar, and they simply take about 15 minutes to cook in the oven, making them a perfect after nursery dinner for your toddler.

The other thing I really like about Piccolo Plates is that each portion contains two meals, so either two children can enjoy it, or one child can eat it over two nights. Our daughter ate the meals across two nights, and it made my life a lot easier as I didn’t have to worry about what to cook for our daughter for dinner for nearly a week.

I would really recommend Piccolo Plates to anyone who is slightly time poor, is looking for food inspiration or wants to get healthy home cooked meals into their toddler. Each portion either costs £5 or £6 (remember that’s two meals) and currently the delivery is London based.

To see more of the meals available then have a nose at the menu on the website, or check out their Instagram feed.

Claire x

We were offered the meals in exchange for an honest review.




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