Soothing your baby to sleep with MyHummy

When you’re a parent of a newborn baby there is nothing worse than a lack of sleep. That could be because your baby isn’t going to bed until much later than you would normally. Or… View Post

Week in Review #11

It’s been a busy week with the BiBs and MADs nominations that I have completely forgotten to write my week in review. Naughty me. I’ll keep this one brief, as we are in the middle… View Post

To sleep or not to sleep – An update

Sleep is a hot topic for me. I spend so much time thinking about it, and trying to get my daughter to sleep that it’s starting to get a little overwhelming and time consuming. If… View Post

Week in review #3

Last week was a combination of sleep training and being ill (both myself and baby). As we were both ill I really don’t feel that we did a lot or that a lot of tasks… View Post

To sleep or not to sleep – Part 1

Sleep for our baby settled into a pattern at about 4 weeks, she slept from 8pm until 3am or 4am, have a quick feed and then would go back down until about 8am. We could… View Post

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