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Week in Review #18

We have had a fairly quiet week here and I’m not entirely sure why, but I think it’s because we are approaching holiday season and I’m trying to get organised for that, our baby groups have stopped, and we seem to have had a constant stream of workmen in our house trying to sort out a leak, so we’ve not been out as much as I would like. Here’s what we have been up to:

Trip to the local farmer’s market

On Saturday morning before my husband went to watch the FA Cup final we took ourselves to our local farmer’s market for lunch. We are really lucky and live about 5 minutes walk away from a brilliant farmer’s market in London, where every Saturday a number of street food traders set up shop for a few hours, alongside produce, beer, wine, fruit, veg, fish and meat vendors. We treated ourselves to a latte, whilst we made up our minds what street food trader we would visit for lunch. I opted for a Chicken Satay curry, whilst my husband enjoyed a Buttermilk Chicken Burger and Chips. It was all very tasty, and as the weather was good we ate outside, rather than head home to eat. We were very good avoiding picking up cake or treats to take home for later. I should have done this, so that I had something tasty to enjoy when my husband was at the match.

Holiday shopping

In just over a week’s time we are going to Spain for our first holiday abroad as a family, and I really needed to buy some clothes. Last week I tried on a lot of my Summer clothes I wore before having my little girl last Summer, and most no longer fitted properly. I also felt that a lot of my clothes felt a bit too young for me to be wearing now that I’m a Mum – that makes me sound old writing that. So we went to Bluewater shopping centre in Kent for a few hours. Our little girl was good and let me shop for a while, whilst being pushed around in her buggy by my husband. I was fairly successful and bought 2 pairs of sandals from Office, a dress and some tops from H & M, and at top from Oasis. We also had a lovely lunch at Carluccio’s, I love their Penne Giardiniera pasta and had been craving that all day. We also managed to purchase a full head to toe UV sunsuit from John Lewis for our daughter, so she is now ready to hit the beach, this was a must-needed purchase for the day.


Self-hosted blog

Big news on the blog this week is that I’ve finally gone self-hosted! It was all very easy, not as difficult or time-consuming as I expected it to be. I purchased hosting with TSO Host for £2.99 a month, and they also migrated my site for me too. You can now find me at www.thepramshed.co.uk where I’m still using the Penscratch Theme but have ambitions to change this to make my site look clean, tidy and a bit more premium. There are still a few things I need to do to my site now that it is self-hosted, but I am very happy that this task is now complete.

I hope you enjoyed finding out about my week.

Claire x

Cuddle Fairy


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