September Highlights

When I first started writing my blog back in January I wrote a weekly highlights blog post, which focused on the highs (and lows) with my daughter. However since going back to work and having… View Post

When will she walk…..

The title of this post says it all. A mum worrying that there is something wrong with her daughter because she is not walking yet, as her nursery have taken her to one side yet… View Post

Behind the Blogging Scenes

I really enjoy writing these posts as they allow a little more about The Pramshed to be revealed to my fellow bloggers. I first saw the Behind the Blogging Scenes tag  on My Real Fairy… View Post

3 months blogging: What have I learnt?

Since last week I have been blogging for 3 months, gosh that has gone quickly! My blog went live on the 6th January 2016, and my experience of blogging has totally exceeded my expectations. From what… View Post