One thing to think about adding to your pre-birth shopping list

Hands up if you’ve heard of stem cell collection or stem cell storage? Do you know what it is, how it’s done and why it’s done? I can imagine that if you are reading this… View Post

The truths about having a c-section

It’s c-section awareness month and I have been thinking back to my c-section just under 21 months ago. Going overdue, being induced and then failing to progress were in my opinion the classic cases that… View Post

The Partner’s View – Upside Mum

This week on The Partner’s View I’m excited to introduce Emma from Upside Mum, and her husband who provides us with a very dramatic birth story involving Emma being airlifted to hospital when their Son… View Post

Bringing Our Newborn Home Safely

In the lead up to the birth of our daughter last Summer I spent hours cleaning the house, sorting out my hospital bag, going to NCT classes, and generally preparing mentally myself for the birth,… View Post

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