Baby wearing Pigeon Organic Romper
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Review: We love Pigeon Organics clothing for babies and children

We are bigs fans of quality and stylish childrens and baby clothing in our household. I love being able to shop for new clothes for both of my kids or receive presents from friends and family. As a parent of two children (a toddler and a baby) I am used to their clothes getting dirty, covered in food (or paint), and dribble now that my baby is teething. It’s really important for me that their clothes stand the test of time including lots of washes in the washing machine. Choosing organic clothing is one way to do this and we were really excited when we contacted by Pigeon Organics to review their clothing range.

Pigeon Organics is an ethical and organic clothing company. All of their clothes are beautiful, stylish, featuring gorgeous prints, and of course they are 100% organic. This means that the cotton has been organically farmed, so no harsh chemicals have gone into the cotton growing process or the manufacturing process. It also means that the farmers growing the cotton are working in chemical free environments, and you are also supporting smaller independent businesses when choosing to buy organic.

Flat lay of our romper and skater dress

One of the beauties of buying organic clothing is that they can be worn time and time again, passed from child to child, whether that’s in the family, between friends or donating to others.

My daughter and son wearing Pigeon Organics

The Pigeon Organic clothes that we selected included a romper suit for my 4 month old baby and a skater dress for my 3 year old daughter.

Both items arrived quickly through the post and I was (honestly) really amazed by their quality and the beautiful packaging. On opening our parcel each item was delicately wrapped in tissue paper, and straight away you could feel the quality of the material. It felt soft and silky, but also had a heavy-ish and hard wearing feel to it.

The romper suit we selected was size 3 – 6 months, and it is a perfect fit for my now nearly 5 month old baby. I love how the poppers run diagonally across the chest rather than straight down the middle, creating a slightly more unusual effect. The feet of the romper can be worn in two ways; either up so that your baby’s feet are exposed, or you can fold the material over so that your baby’s feet are tucked in. This makes this item of clothing really versatile for warmer or colder days, and means that you haven’t got to worry about socks that continuously fall off.

My son wearing his Pigeon Organics romper

The skater dress is stunning. It feels timeless, and I know that my daughter will wear it over and over again. We opted for size 3 – 4 years, and it is slightly long and on the big side for my 3 year old. But this gives her plenty of growing room and the option to wear throughout the seasons. It can teamed up with a pair of legging, tights, cardigans and boots. Or worn with bare legs on the more warmer days.

My daughter wearing her skater dress by Pigeon Organics

My daughter wearing her skater dress

I do really like the colour of our skater dress, it’s fairly neutral with muted colourful spots, that allow it to be worn with a range of other colours, adding to its versatility.

 My daughter wearing her Pigeon Organics dress

We are overall really impressed with Pigeon Organics, the entire range of designs and patterns are stunning, so there is bound to be something that suits you. All the items would make a truly lovely Christmas present, that can be worn time and time again and treasured by the parents. The full range of clothing can be found on the Pigeon Organics website, and as I said earlier delivery was quick and simple.

I hope that you love Pigeon Organics clothing for babies and children just as much as we do.

Claire x

My daughter and son wearing Pigeon Organics

This is a collaborative post with Pigeon Organics and we were gifted these items in exchange for an honest review. 

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