How to get your whole family into mountain biking with Halfords

How to get your whole family into Mountain Biking with Halfords

With the warmer summer months and the school holiday approaching, now is a brilliant time to get your whole family into mountain biking. Getting outside into the great outdoors and experiencing the beauty of the UK is a brilliant thing to do with your whole family, and mountain biking allows you to do just that. In this blog post I’m sharing with you the best ways to get your family into mountain biking with Halfords, and exactly what kit you need.

Remember that mountain biking doesn’t just need to be for adults. Teenagers and young children can really enjoy it too, and here’s how you can create a biking experience to remember.

Purchase the right bike

There are so many bikes and Halfords have a huge range of bikes to choose from. Whether it is an adult bike your looking for, or a bike for a teenager, or a junior mountain bike, Halfords have a bike for you. There are many things that you need to consider when purchasing a bike. Firstly it needs to fit into your budget, but also your budget shouldn’t compromise on safety. Ultimately make sure that the bike has good brakes and suspension, and that the bike feels comfortable to ride. You should be able to test out the bike in-store before purchasing it, which will give you a feel for it, before handing over your cash (or card).

Purchase the right mountain bike

Teach your family

This is really important. If you’re already a confident adult at mountain biking it’s up to you to teach your family how best to ride their bikes. Use your experience that you have gained to make your family feel confident when they are cycling. You could take your children out on a test cycle ride at home, or to the local park to help build up their confidence. But remember never take them out on the open road until you are sure that they will be 100% safe, and have mastered using their bike and their brakes.

Help beginners

It might not be children who are beginners to mountain biking, it could be teenage children or adults too. For any beginner you need to be patient, even if you are helping an adult they may not have the same level of confidence as you, or be quite as quick as you. Instill confidence in them by cycling with them, and giving them lots of encouragement.

Don’t go too big with the routes

If you are planning a cycling trip or cycling holiday plan your route or routes well taking your whole family into account. You may want to consider a route that is relatively flat to begin with to avoid little legs getting over tired. Or you may want to plan a route that has stunning views, places to have lunch or a picnic spot. You will also want to consider the distance of the route, and avoid taking your entire family on a 70 kilometre cycle ride on their first trip.

Family after a mountain biking ride

So whether you’re planning a cycling holiday in Wales, Scotland, the Lake District, the Peak District or anywhere in the UK there are bound to be cycling trails to suit you. Trails can vary from green trails that are the easiest and smoothest, that are best for families and beginners. Then on the flip side there are black trails that are best left for the experts. Take a look at this guide for trail inspiration, and I love the sound of the trail in the Afan Forest in Wales, which seems perfect for beginners and families.

Lastly here’s a list of what you need to create a mountain biking experience to remember:

  • Gloves to keep your hands warm and provide extra grip.
  • Mudguards to keep you dry and prevent your bike from getting too muddy.
  • Lights are an essential for early evening or night time biking.
  • Cycling shorts or trousers to avoid getting your normal clothes caught in the gears or muddy.
  • Helmet. Need I say anymore, this is an absolute essential.
  • Water bottle to stay hydrated
  • Inner tubes and pump just in case you get a puncture en route.
  • Snacks to keep your energy levels up
  • A sense of adventure and fun!

I hope that this has got you in the mood for taking your family mountain biking this Summer. If so where are planning on visiting?

Claire x

How to get your family into mountain biking


This is a collaborative post with Halfords. 

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