Where to find freebies this Christmas

Where to find freebies this Christmas?

Christmas is soon approaching, and I can’t quite believe it. Soon I will be Christmas shopping, wrapping endless presents, and stuffing my face with turkey, and pigs in blankets. Christmas is a family time, a break from work, and a chance to enjoy ourselves until New Year. However that doesn’t stop it from being a worrying time for some people. A worrying time because it’s expensive, and the pressure to purchase presents for family and friends can be immense. There are so many ways that the cost of Christmas can be reduced, and here are a few ways to find a freebie this Christmas.

Christmas Events

In the run up to Christmas there are often events where you can see the magic of Christmas, alongside meeting brands and getting a few samples along the way. These samples may not seem like much, however they could make a really lovely stocking filler for a family member. Or you might pick up some recipe ideas for food and drink, that could also become a treasured present.

Free Samples

If you hunt around online there are so many free samples ranging from olive oil, tea, perfume and Sanctuary Spa products. There is so much free stuff available and you will be amazed by just how many brands want to share a free sample or voucher code with you. These are a perfect stocking fillers, or a small gesture for a family member.

Where to find freebies this Christmas


Many of the major high street stores all have sales in the run up to Christmas, or they are offering discounts if you spend over a certain amount of money. This is a great way to save money, but also to get an additional item if you’re getting £30 off with your purchases. It does definitely pay to wait until you see these offers, as you could save a fortune.

Online Search

I am always trying to find the best deal online, it makes sense. There’s no point in paying over the odds for something just because it comes from a certain shop, when you could get it cheaper elsewhere. Once you have your Christmas present list written, shop around online and see if you can save a few pennies.

Make your gifts

There are so many food and drink gifts that you can make from the comfort of your own home, and this will be something that the recipient will love as your hard work has gone into making it. For example you could make your own jams, chutneys, and sloe gins. The list is endless, but you can dress up these gifts in beautiful jars, ribbons and wrapping. You can also batch make too, so the whole family can be catered for.

So those are 5 simple ways to find a freebie or save money this Christmas. How will you be tackling the Christmas shopping this year? Will you be tightening the purse strings or splashing the cash?

Claire x

Where to find freebies this Christmas


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