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Hi everyone! Hope you’ve all had a great week? I can’t believe September is over, and it’s now October. It’ll be Christmas before we know it, the year is literally flying! It’s great to have you back at fortheloveofBLOG this week, and myself and Fi continue to thank you for your support for our linky.

This week has been a bit crazy for us a family. Just when we thought we were over the illnesses, our daughter came down with hand, foot and mouth on Tuesday. This has made this week a challenge, but also a time when we have had to come together as a family. Both myself and my husband have been tag-teaming the childcare duties this week, as my daughter was excluded from nursery for 3 days. However I hope that we are over the worst of it, which is great! Fingers crossed for an illness free October.

As well as this, I’ve been upping my blogging game, and reached over 4,000 followers on Twitter, and been using my Instagram account more and more. I’m really enjoying interacting with the community on Instagram which is slightly more personal that the community on Twitter. Although Twitter is still my favourite blogging platform.

This week I’m linking up two posts:

My first post – September Highlights is a new feature on the blog. My husband asked me why I no longer did a weekly highlight blog post. I stopped doing that when I went back to work, as it was just too much to write other blog posts as well as a weekly highlights post. So I’ve decided to write a monthly summary which focuses on our highlights of the month. September has a been a particularly busy month with my Brother’s wedding, a long weekend away in Shropshire, a festival, and some milestones for my daughter. I wonder what October has in-store.

My second post – That used to be me….is probably one of my favourite blog posts, and my first post I wrote for Meet other Mums. I’m sure that a lot of people who have recently gone back to work after maternity leave can relate to this, and even now when I see other Mum’s out and about with their babies and friends during the week, I get that odd pang of jealousy.

Featured blogger

My favourite post of the week goes to Now My Name is Mummy with her post There’s poo on the rug. Not to sound crude, but this post made me laugh, and it made me laugh when I saw the tweet come through last week. It’s happened to us all! Well done, grab yourself our featured blogger badge.

The Pramshed

Our Linky 

Here at #fortheloveofBLOG we welcome at type of post you want to link-up. Please add @thepramshed and @amumtrackmind to your tweets to be guaranteed a retweet. This week myself and Fi will comment between us on your posts and choose our favourite of the week to be featured on my next Linky post containing a back link to your blog.

For the love of blog will open every Saturday at 8am and close the following Monday at 10pm/or once we reach 75 link-ups.

Have a lovely weekend all!

Claire and Fi x

The Pramshed



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