A Dribble Stop Top Review

One word. Teething. It feels like my daughter has been teething forever. Her first bottom teeth came through shortly after she turned 3-months, and 12 months later we are still teething. This time it’s her… View Post

Help! My child is sick

It’s Monday the day of the week we all dread! When that alarms goes off, I expect most of us shudder thinking about the week ahead and wish we could press snooze for that extra… View Post

Gertie the Good Goose

You’re probably thinking what is this blog post is all about? Have we been to a farm to see the Geese recently? No. We were recently asked to test out a new teether called Gertie… View Post

Week in Review #11

It’s been a busy week with the BiBs and MADs nominations that I have completely forgotten to write my week in review. Naughty me. I’ll keep this one brief, as we are in the middle… View Post

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