How to decide whether to have an elective c-section

I’ve had two c-sections. My first was a semi-emergency and my second was a semi-emergency/elective c-section. In case you’re wondering how it came to being both, my birth story will tell you why? View Post

The things I’ve learned from being a second time Mum

During the pregnancy of my second child I worried a lot, and I mean a lot. I worried about how my daughter would feel when the new baby arrived, how I would cope looking after… View Post

The Partner’s View – 2 Brides 2 Mummies

This week on The Partner’s View I am excited to introduce Sarah and Lauren from 2 Brides 2 Mums. Sarah tells us their story from conception through to birth by c-section. A decision that was… View Post

The Partner’s View – Upside Mum

This week on The Partner’s View I’m excited to introduce Emma from Upside Mum, and her husband who provides us with a very dramatic birth story involving Emma being airlifted to hospital when their Son… View Post

The Partner’s View – A Life Just Ordinary

This week I’m excited to introduce James from A Life Just Ordinary to my guest series -The Partner’s View. I loved reading his rollercoaster of a birth story, with its highs and lows of being… View Post

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