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#fortheloveofBLOG Week 12

Hello everyone, and welcome back to Week 12 of #fortheloveofBLOG! This week Fi from A Mum Track Mind is busy sunning herself on holiday (lucky thing), so to help me out the lovely Sarah from Mum and Mor is stepping in as guest co-host. Please give her a huge welcome this week.

I’ve had another busy week work wise and blog wise. Although just when I was getting back into the swing of things, I was struck down with a stomach bug on Wednesday! These bugs I’m picking up from nursery are not good, but let’s hope I have a steel immune system soon. Blog wise I’ve had two guest posts published. One being my breastfeeding story on My Petit Canard Breastfeeding Stories series, and second on Meet Other Mums. 

This week I’m linking up two posts:

My first post is KidloLand App Review and Giveaway. If you’ve not seen this app please go and take a look at it. It’s great for children to enhance their learning through singing. The app is brilliant and my daughter is captivated by it. I’m also offering 5 of my lucky reader’s a 3 month subscription to the KidloLand App by entering my giveaway.

I’ve had a lot of positive comments about my series The Partner’s View which focuses on the birth partner’s perspective of childbirth.  This week I’m linking up Pears and Chocolate Sauce partner’s experience of the birth of their daughter. I loved reading this post, as it was told very calmly and I’m also impressed that Becca managed a waterbirth too. If anyone would like to take part in my guest series please drop me an email at

Sarah is linking up 5 things I’d change about my labour and childbirth. This brings back a lot of memories for me of my induced labour. Please all go and Sarah some love, by reading and commenting on her blog post.

Featured Blogger

Last week my favourite post was Nothing Has Changed by Discombublated, so grab yourself our featured blogger badge. This post really moved me. It’s all about how difficult it is in the early days with a baby. How you may feel that you might never be you again. But after a while, the old you does come back, and it’s so important to do things that you want to do. Please all go and check out this post!

The Pramshed

Our Linky 

Here at #fortheloveofBLOG we welcome at type of post you want to link-up. This week myself and Sarah will comment between us on your posts and choose our favourite of the week to be featured on my next Linky post containing a back link to your blog.

For the love of blog will open every Saturday at 8am and close the following Monday at 10pm/or once we reach 75 link-ups.

Have a lovely weekend all!

Claire, Fi and Sarah x

The Pramshed

Claire and Fi x


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