Review of beautiful flowers by Prestige

I love flowers. Who doesn’t? They brighten up my home, bring a smile to my face, and are a brilliant way to show someone that you care. A couple of week’s ago our house resembled… View Post

A BloomBox Club Review

It’s the perfect time of year to enjoy your garden. The sun is shining, and everything is coming into bloom. We have a fairly large (ish) garden for London, that is divided into a few… View Post

Making mealtimes fun with Fred

Who knew that mealtimes could be so much fun? Have you got a child that is fussy or refuses to eat anything new? Fred can help you out. Now your probably wondering what I am… View Post

A Dribble Stop Top Review

One word. Teething. It feels like my daughter has been teething forever. Her first bottom teeth came through shortly after she turned 3-months, and 12 months later we are still teething. This time it’s her… View Post

Car Seat Protector by Bambella Designs

For those of you who have been reading my blog would know that my little girl regularly suffers with travel sickness. We have tried everything from travelling in the day, to travelling a night, not… View Post

Gertie the Good Goose

You’re probably thinking what is this blog post is all about? Have we been to a farm to see the Geese recently? No. We were recently asked to test out a new teether called Gertie… View Post

KidloLand App Review

I have mixed opinions about technology and children. In today’s world there is no escaping it at all, we use our phones for music, photos, games and so much more. A phone is more than… View Post