[AD] Treat your child to a PlayMobil Advent Calendar this Christmas

It’s very nearly the 1st December and my kids will start asking about getting an advent calendar before I know it. My oldest will, but not my youngest as he’s still a little too young… View Post

The Property Market During Lockdown

We all know that the lockdown period has produced some strange experiences for us all. There is hardly anything in our life which has remained unaffected by the lockdown of this global pandemic, and it’s… View Post

5 things I love about our kitchen….to inspire you!

Nearly two years ago we were in the process of planning our kitchen extension. We were finalising costs and timeframe with our builders, and I was beginning to put thought towards what we wanted in… View Post

Allergic to Mould? Here’s How to Minimise It

If you are trying to look after yourself better, especially during cold and flu season, it is important to look at your immediate home environment as well as what is outside. If you feel that… View Post

[AD] Our plans and ideas for renovating our loft conversion

The final room (or floor) of our house renovation is the refurbishment or renovation of our loft conversion. We are incredibly lucky to already have a loft conversion completed on the house before we moved… View Post

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