Pros of Using Traditional Shaving Methods: Cut-Throat Razors & More

Most men these days are opting for an electric razor to get rid of their facial hair easily and quickly, but actually, going back in time and using more traditional methods can be far better… View Post

Parents in Business featuring Mums Journey

This week I would like to introduce Ivana the founder of Mums Journey¬†, helping other Mums by setting clear expectations of parenthood, lowering the risk of post-natal depression and ensuring that they lead a happy… View Post

Tested Methods for Removing Permanent Marker from Different Surfaces in Your Home

Permanent marker is very difficult to remove from any surface in your home. These markers are made specifically so that we can write on any surfaces. This is their greatest plus and at the same… View Post

Parents in Business featuring Pamela Spence/Plant Potential

This week I would like to introduce Pamela Spence the founder of Plant Potential to my weekly Parents in Business series. Here Pamela shares her story about how she moved from a film and TV… View Post

From pebbledash to beautifully restored brickwork

Why on earth were houses covered in pebbledash? I can think of two reasons, first it was seen as a fashionable thing to do during the 1970s, and secondly to cover up damaged brickwork. For… View Post

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