A Leader At Home And Now In The Workplace

As a mum, you are already a leader, whether you realise it or not. Now, in the workplace, you are tasked with building up leadership. Where do you begin? Well, leadership development is critical for… View Post

Parents in Business featuring Hesford Media

This week on my parents in business series I’m delighted to be featuring Nikki who has created her own business; Hesford Media. This is a marketing agency with a difference, one that drives real results for clients and focuses on what the… View Post

How I got my baby to sleep through the night with Slumbertots

Sleep is a wonderful thing. I never realised how much I missed sleep until I had children. In fact I never realised what bone tiredness was or that thing they called dog tired. The constant… View Post

Parents in Business featuring LioBites

This week on my parents in business series I’m delighted to be featuring Anna who created the LioBites brand selling freeze-dried fruit in handy snack packs. This is a brilliant idea for parents whose children… View Post

The Modern Science Of Customer Retention

There’s so much fierce competition these days that just holding onto your supposedly loyal customers is a challenge in itself. More than that though, it’s being able to keep all kinds of customers that have… View Post

My top financial tips for you and your family

At some point in our lives there will always be a time when you need financial help. It may come out of the blue one day or it may be something that you have been… View Post

How to plan your dream kitchen

We are slap bang right in the middle of our kitchen extension, surrounded by noise and dust. I have to remember that it’s short term pain for long term gain. If you’re in the same… View Post